Batang Batis (Children of the Spring)

Let me just say, as an aspiring photo hobbyist, I am a fan of Humans of New York (HONY). I love the portraits and their stories, reminding us that we are more alike than we are different, no matter where we live. Inspired by this, I thought of taking portraits of the children who attend our church outreaches. I never knew how powerful a camera could be until today. During regular church events, these children are normally shy and reserved. But in this workshop, while I took their photos on their street, as I focused the lens on them, they were very open and willing to share with me their hopes and dreams, and even some of their struggles. Giving the right kind of attention really does make a difference to a child’s self-confidence.

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He’s finally here!

Look who’s so happy, she fought her naptime off so she could play with Rex. Thanks, dearest sister Lora (and to your Tita) for sending Rex to Manila!

Thank you, 777!

Honestly, I didn’t think it would even reach 100, but today I found out there are 777 beautiful people who follow my blog. I want to say THANK YOU to each one of you reading this!

As my way to say thanks to you for being awesome, I dedicate this humble photo and graphic I created (just now) to you, dear friend.

Never lose hope. Keep faith alive. Let love rule!


And since gratitude is a great attitude to dwell in, let’s get it rolling — feel free to share about things that make you say “thanks” in the comments portion. Have a blessed day!

Cebu: the Best Place for the Best Day of 2014

First StopFrom the printed and online invitations to the email reminders a month and a few weeks before 7-7-14, Carissa Villacorta and Ryan Songalia knew how to build up excitement and expectation for their “Best Day Ever.” And boy, did they deliver!

July 6: As soon as we arrived in Cebu, we were greeted by members of the bride’s family, who gave us awesome “welcome bags” (very thoughtful of them to include a few first-aid items for those “you-never-know” moments, along with the goodies). Then we were whisked off to our hotels in several white vans marked with the CVRS logo.

We were able to join Day 2 of the Wedding Weekend. Our first stop: The Chocolate Chamber by Ralfe Gourmet. On the way, we joined the tour bus and was treated to songs handpicked by the bride, for our listening pleasure. The ride allowed us to meet and bond with the couple’s family and other friends.

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365 Days and counting

Three days ago, we celebrated Little Love’s 365th day on the planet. After a year, I can now attest that a lot of those things people say, about how having a daughter changes a father (and mother)—-is true. We are truly grateful to our Creator for His empowering bundle of joy! Continue reading


So the senator thinks getting a mugshot is just like one of his photo-shoots. Stealing from the people he swore to serve, and still he smiles as if everything is okay. I am angered by the “special treatment” criminals with money get in jails that we pay for (thanks for the insightful post, Heckler). There should be a way for us, the People, to tell the government where we want our money to go: “Please do not use this tax that we paid, to feed criminals in jail for plunder and graft cases.” Napoles and her cohorts stole P10 Billion. That’s like P100 from every Filipino. There are many of us who earn only P100/day, and stealing that means these hardworking Filipinos and their families go hungry. Meantime, this Ramon (I cannot call him senator anymore, he has lost the title “Honorable Gentleman” already) and his cohorts enjoy three meals or more a day from the taxpayers’ pockets. How do they sleep at night?


Feeling nagfo-photoshoot pa ang lelong.

A Day for Abba

Early yesterday morning, Choco Boy whispered to me, “Mom, can you teach me how to use Final Cut so I can make a video for Daddy?” His face was so serious I had to hug him first. Then I suggested that because he’s in a hurry, he can use Keynote since he already figured out how to use that on his own (a couple of weeks ago I voiced out my concern to him that he’s spending too much time on the iPad. In response, he made a Keynote presentation of Photosynthesis to prove to me that: 1. He’s not just using the iPad for games and 2. He’s paying attention to our lessons after all). Continue reading

Why am I happy to be Filipino?

There are so many reasons why I thank God I’m Filipino. But I’m narrowing it down to my top 10, in no particular order:

1. Pinoy Music. Some critics say we don’t have a distinct sound. I say that IS our sound: we take the best (and sometimes a little of the worst, too) from music all over the world in order to create the right blend that for the most part, only Pinoys are able to understand and enjoy. Foreigners sometimes ask me to translate a Filipino version/cover of a popular song that makes us laugh, but a lot of things get lost in translation. Come to think of it, music is so ingrained in the Filipino psyche that it permeates every aspect of Pinoy life: like it or not, almost every thing has a “theme song” to accompany it. Continue reading

Month Of Mother

Hi Mom. Before the last few hours of May fly by, I just wanted to say: I miss you. Again.

Almost all the important milestones in your life happened in May (birth, baptism, marriage, death) — which is why we call May your month, as each day in it reminds us of you. On top of that, we your children could never escape all the mall decorations, supermarket promos and advertisements that capitalize on the power of “Mother”. I exhale slowly every time I see one, hoping that as I release the air, some of the pain of missing you escapes with it. Thankfully, your grandkids come to the rescue each time, with a hug or kiss meant just for their mom. Continue reading