Heavenly mercies

Despite the sadness last weekend, I recognized God’s comforting ways, for which I praise Him… Sunday July 24 — the morning began with Hubby finalizing the video for Tian Yu. He says it was the hardest one for him to make yet. He doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve quite often, so for him to admit that he was very emotional while making the presentation says something about Tian Yu’s effect on him.

I then went on to prepare the worship hall for the GNWOM Sunday service. Since Hubby had to finish the video, God surprised me by sending help — the men’s ministry arrived back from their mission trip in Bicol. I was so happy to see them arrive so early and help out with the setup. Usually it’s just me and Arnold who do it. But that day, God lightened the load.

Ruach HaKodesh also sent me inspiration for the songs just before the service. We decided to start the intercession on time, and soon enough the hall started to fill in. God’s message through Pastor Joel was very uplifting: “A Calling to Patiently Endure.” He focused on Hebrews 10:32-36. Very beautiful service that was, we really felt the presence of God. I knew it was the Holy Spirit playing and singing through me once more, because for the life of me my brain couldn’t remember the chords to some of the songs, my eyes were foggy with tears so I couldn’t see the keyboards well, but somehow my hands played and knew what to do, as if led by Him.

I had planned that after the worship singing I would excuse myself so I can be in Angeles City earlier. But I’m glad that I didn’t rush, and so was able to hear God’s comforting word. The brethren were also able to pray for the Wong Family. Qing and Tian Yu visited me in this church last year, and Tian was able to play Pictionary with our small youth group. The girls knew him as the “cute chinese guy.” When I told them then that he is a pilot, you could here the “ooohs” and “aaahs.”

On the way to meet Pastor Eugene Guzon and Tita Lulu, the rains poured hard over Manila, and the taxi radio was playing fitting songs such as “Leaving on a Jet Plane”, “Dust in the Wind”… In an odd way it felt comforting to know that the universe seemed to be weeping with us. Another one of God’s heavenly mercies, helping to carry me through.

The memorial service led by Pastor Rex dela Pena was very moving. It was painful because Tian Yu is so young. But the air around that room felt comforting, and dignified. He lived a full life. Auntie Chew said, “No regrets.” Amen to that. I am amazed, and still am, at how God really carried the Wong family through all this. In part I know how painful it is to lose a brother, but an ONLY sibling and brother? I cannot even begin to imagine how my sister Qing must feel.

And just as my head was hurting and reeling from all that pain, another heavenly mercy came: later that night, when we opened Tian Yu’s laptop to get more photos from it, a beautiful scene and verse welcomed us:

Tian Yu, thank you for putting that verse on your desktop. God inspired you to do it, so as to comfort us who are left behind. Shalom, and see you again when the Lord allows.


3 thoughts on “Heavenly mercies

  1. Hey Bituina,

    My name is Ken Jon, I’m a friend of Tian Yu’s from Malaysia, we went to High School Together. Thank you for writing this blog post and sharing what you found on Tian Yu’s laptop. That really is very very comforting and encouraging to know. We’ll be having his memorial service on sunday in Malaysia. A lot of people from High School are coming to pay their respects. It’s amazing to see how one person can touch so many people’s lives, especially people from two different countries who have almost nothing in common except Jesus and Tian Yu. Thanks again for the blog post. God Bless. I’ve posted my blog below just in case you want to respond.


    From : Ken Jon


  2. Hello Butuina,

    Thank you for dropping by my blog. It’s really encouraging to see how God has been helping you through this period of grieving. Take care and God bless!

    Wy Lyn


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