Mortality check.

In an instant, your whole world can change.

When we received news of Bespren Johnny’s untimely demise last Feb. 3, the pain over how he died made my head spin. I thought about his wife, Ate Regine, and his son MJ. Losing a loved one through natural means like sickness or old age is painful, but losing them through a violent act of a criminal is even worse. Immediately, Hubby and I cried out to God for justice, and for His mercy to sustain Ate Gine and MJ. We cried for MJ, who is a big but gentle 10-year old boy — whose whole world will be so much different from what he dreamed. I cannot imagine how he must have felt, seeing his father lying down in a pool of blood after being shot by the unknown assailant–right in front of their home porch. Most families in that neighborhood (including my Hubby’s Mom who lives next door) had just finished dinner that night, when they heard five shots that shattered the peaceful night.

An intense commotion followed, but the attacker had a motorbike and got away. The trauma of what happened affected the entire neighborhood, and the stress of it affected my mother in law. A few days after the attack, my brother in law had to rush Mama Au to the hospital because her potassium levels became so low, it had affected her heart and blood pressure. It was only by God’s grace that she made it through, staying at the ICU for almost 4 days, and another 3 days in a hospital ward. We rushed to Pangasinan then, and stayed until Mama’s vital signs got better. To this day, we praise God for His deliverance and for strengthening Mama Au.

We also continue to pray for the family left behind by Kuya Johnny. May God’s peace, comfort, provision and protection surround them all.


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