Love everyday

Another gift from Heavenly Abba

Yesterday morning, Heavenly Abba gave us a “love gift”. The kind doctor allowed a lot of time for my hubby and son to see the baby through ultrasound, and even showed the baby’s face. Choco boy was just so ecstatic to see the baby moving, and have a strong heartbeat. It’s too early for a 3d-4d ultrasound photo though, so we will have to go back for that in 2 months. The doctor said it’s most probably a girl, but it might be too early to say. Psalm 139:13 kept ringing in my mind: “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” When we arrived home from the clinic, hubby immediately led us in a thanksgiving prayer. The baby is almost 19 weeks old now. It amazed us both how YHVH quickly answered hubby’s prayer at the Kotel last Rosh Hashanah (Sept. 2012).

This morning, the choco boy surprised me by coming up with a list of things for him to do as “Kuya” (big brother). He and his dad were talking during breakfast about yesterday’s experience, and it seemed it made a profound effect on the young boy too. Take a look at his gift to me:

The choco boy's list
The choco boy’s list

I thanked God, amazed at how a 6 year old had come up with a list like that. I don’t recall having ideas like that when I was six. However, I couldn’t resist asking him: Why is obeying mommy and daddy last on the list?

He quickly replied, “Because that’s the hardest job of all. But God will help me do it.”

Oh, how I love a child’s honesty and trust! My eyes blurred a little bit. Two thoughts rushed out of my heart at the same time: 1. Thank You God, for the privilege and blessing to be a parent, and 2. Please God, help me not to mess up.


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