Comedy gold or tragedy?

The social networks are abuzz once more with news of this or that senator’s “performance” during the hearing on the Pork Barrel Scam earlier today. Pork barrel jokes are even trending on Twitter. Yes, the Senate hearings produced stuff that were comedy gold! I mean, it would really be funny—if not for the fact that through the scam, the culprits stole money from me, and you and every tax-paying Filipino. Money that could have been spent on infrastructure and many other nation-building projects.

And it would be hilarious—if it didn’t make my blood boil because it was tragically obvious that the persons involved in the scam think that the majority of the Filipinos are stupid enough to believe their lies.

Php10,000,000,000 could have been a thousand and more jobs created, or more schools built, or more hospitals in remote areas, or more farm-to-market roads for our farmers. More jobs could have meant more parents would be able to stay with their children instead of breaking up their families just to find work abroad. This could have also meant higher pay for teachers so that together with the parents, we can all properly educate our children on things that really matter: honesty, integrity, responsibility, compassion for others, love for God and love for country.

Ms. Janet Lim #Napoles, wherever you are right now: think about what you did. You didn’t just steal money. You stole food from the plates of the poorest among us. You stole shelter from those who need it especially in times of natural calamities. You and your cohorts stole children’s books and classrooms and dreams for a brighter future. I know you are also a human being, and part of me feels sorry for all other Filipinos with the surname Napoles, who might be the butt of jokes for awhile because of what you put yourself into. Perhaps from your point of view, things probably look so bleak now, and it seems like there is no end to this, and you are scrambling for a way out—and you think you will survive by keeping mum, or lying or dodging or delaying the truth from eventually coming out. But don’t be deceived—the truth WILL come out. Wake up! You can’t protect those who are only thinking of protecting themselves. There is a way to end this, and end it with dignity: by telling the truth NOW, and trusting God with your life and the lives of your family. Be more courageous to do what is right even if it costs you your life. Do it for yourself, and for your children.


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