555807_10151347213633183_1613067111_nA good friend of mine knows that each time someone dear to me passes on to eternity, I put up my John 11:35 profile picture on Facebook. But this  friend asked me why I posted this profile at this time, when (thankfully) no one in my family passed away because of Typhoon Yolanda? This passage isn’t as comforting as the Psalms because it’s only about the time when Lazarus died and Jesus wept. To which I replied:

Whenever I feel desperate and ask Him, “Sir, where are You in all this terrible suffering?” I turn to that passage and I am reminded that He is Emmanuel — right HERE, beside us, crying WITH US. Yeshua wept. Openly. With Mary, and Martha, and all the people who loved His friend Lazarus who died…

Slowly I realized: He knows our pain. He knows each one of those unidentified persons missing or dead by name. And as I mourn and pray for all the persons who lost their loved ones in the typhoon, I also remember that after Jesus prayed to the Heavenly Father, He called out in a loud voice and…

Lazarus rose up from the dead. What an amazing God we serve. And it is no coincidence that our beloved islands were first named “Archipelago de San Lazaro.”

At this time when the entire archipelago is mourning, let us continue to put our hope and faith in our Heavenly Father. And may the presence of our Lord with us give us comfort, and may His voice ring loud and clear in our hearts. Lazarus will arise from the dead!


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