So the senator thinks getting a mugshot is just like one of his photo-shoots. Stealing from the people he swore to serve, and still he smiles as if everything is okay. I am angered by the “special treatment” criminals with money get in jails that we pay for (thanks for the insightful post, Heckler). There should be a way for us, the People, to tell the government where we want our money to go: “Please do not use this tax that we paid, to feed criminals in jail for plunder and graft cases.” Napoles and her cohorts stole P10 Billion. That’s like P100 from every Filipino. There are many of us who earn only P100/day, and stealing that means these hardworking Filipinos and their families go hungry. Meantime, this Ramon (I cannot call him senator anymore, he has lost the title “Honorable Gentleman” already) and his cohorts enjoy three meals or more a day from the taxpayers’ pockets. How do they sleep at night?


Feeling nagfo-photoshoot pa ang lelong.

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