Officially a professional homebody

Arrival-in-PPrincesaI love to travel, and I like going out. One of the things hubby and I decided early on in our marriage is to travel a lot, whenever we can. Because making memories for our kids ranks among the best gifts we could ever give them. And we’re living proof that you don’t have to break the bank just to go to places you want to see: all it takes is prayer, faith and maintaining a positive attitude no matter what: setbacks are usually just steps back to a better path  to your original destination. From my experience, this has proven to be true: when you set your heart and mind to do something and go somewhere, the Creator of the universe seems to engineer things to go according to plan.

I remember our first family trip to Cebu province for a church mission trip: it was as if the universe conspired for us, along with almost 70 other members of our church, to go there. It was January 25, 2009 (Sunday). Our senior pastor asked the congregation who wanted to join an important event in Cebu on April 2, 2009. Hubby and I raised our hands, even though at that time we knew one plane ticket to Cebu would cost thousands of pesos. But two days later, Cebu Pacific came out with their Piso Fare promo, and so we were  able to get roundtrip tickets for just P385/person! Our little boy was able to join us and see Gary V and his son Gab as well (check the video below, I was at the control booth, having volunteered to assist Direk Enchang Kaimo at that time, while carrying my 2-year-old choco boy).

Anyway, back to today. I’m on my third pregnancy and have been prescribed to take extra precautions. I need to stay at home, and in bed as much as possible to avoid complications. It’s been 3 months, the longest I’ve ever stayed indoors, ever. With my second child, yes I had to rest in bed often too, but only during the first two months of pregnancy or so, and even then I would cheat and still go to the nearest mall sometimes. By the second trimester I was able to travel to Baguio and be assistant camp director during our youth camp.

But this time is different. I had quite a scare near the end of the first trimester (I didn’t know I was pregnant until then). My heart isn’t as physically strong as it was three years ago. Maybe it’s because of the close proximity between the pregnancies (I haven’t had time to fully recover physically from the last one), or maybe I’m just getting older. Whatever the case, with YHVH’s help, I never want to experience a miscarriage ever again. I went through the usual emotions—denial, worry, frustration, guilt. Then a good friend sent me comfort when she reminded me that even Sophia Loren had to go through complete bed rest during her two successful pregnancies (she had suffered two miscarriages prior). She was right: as a mom, my kids (both born and unborn) are more important, and I shouldn’t feel guilty about this.

After accepting what needs to happen, hubby and I embarked on a new mission to ensure our third child’s safety, while keeping my sanity intact. He is now helping me become a “professional homebody.” For Mothers’ Day, we got a portable laptop table so I could write and work a little, while reclined on the bed. We also continue to help out our church back in Manila through emails and calls. I learned to appreciate the services of couriers like LBC and JRS Express (getting packages through the mail again brings me back to childhood joys), and I’m starting to be somewhat of an expert in looking for the best online deals (my experience with Lazada so far has been nice).

Also, I am truly grateful for being “stranded” here in my hubby’s childhood home, and being near my mother-in-love. My sister and I grew up sharing our room with my father’s mom, and I learned a lot from her. I know that Jude and Moriyah will benefit greatly from their time spent around their grandma as well. Now, I no longer consider bed resting a setback, but as a means to refocus, and sharpen skills I’d long forgotten. Best of all, in a few months, when baby boy comes out complete and at the right time, I’m sure all this is going to be so worth it.

“Children are a gift from YHVH, they are a reward from Him.” (Psalm 127:3)

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