My precious princess
My date last Sunday #girlsdayout

It’s been months, people! I gave birth normally to a healthy baby boy last September, thanks be to God! And thank you too, to those who prayed for me. Taking care of a toddler and a newborn is a new experience for me. Before I gave birth, I thought I’d give myself a month to recover and get back to work. I was so wrong. Many days I still feel like a train wreck. And those are days when I’m really, REALLY grateful for my husband, who has been so amazingly supportive and strong for me, keeping our family (and my sanity) intact. Last Sunday he and the boys stayed home while their ladies went out to the mall (I love you, Song!).

Anyway, I posted this under “Freebies” because, well, I do have some free stuff to share, that I hope you will check out.

As you can imagine, a lot has happened since my last post. I promised I’d tell you about the effects of Natural Frequency Technology, and I will, as soon as I finish writing this “I’m-back-now” piece. 🙂

This week is APEC week, and since I’m not experiencing the nightmarish traffic in the Metro right now, I feel really happy about this whole event (big grin). I say WELCOME and MABUHAY to all the foreign leaders who participated in the summit, including the POTUS. We continue to pray for the safety and security of everyone involved. To ISIS (I know some of you read my blog, haha) and anyone plotting evil or terror, may the One True God YHVH foil your plans, expose you and protect those whom you have targeted. Back to the law-abiding readers — join me in spreading these hashtags even more: #StopISIS #StopJihad.

Now, I’ve been meaning to share something free for you, dear reader. This month, it’s for youth leaders and youth in general, who might be looking for some material to read or share with their peers.

I wrote these short studies for our youth camp earlier this year, our theme centered around the Fruit of the Spirit (we’ll be talking a lot about fruits in future posts). I hope in some way it will help someone, anyone, to realize how much God loves him/her, and that He has a great plan for each one of us. Please, feel free to download or share them as you wish.

Right-click and select “Save Link/Target As…” to start downloading:




Have a blessed day!


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