Before we sleep tonight, just something to ponder on…

PSEi closed really low again. A downward trend, after the highs and upward trends in the past 5 years until earlier this year. I don’t know anything about stock market “stuff”, but I do know that somehow, plenty of ordinary, hardworking Filipinos’ lives will be affected by it. The experts say the reason for the slump is the failed EU stimulus package.

However, here’s what I think: many foreign businessmen who are in control of those stocks, and are invested in businesses in my country, are watching whatever comes out of our public and social media outlets. They might be worried that change is coming in May 2016, and some might opt out before that happens. To them I plead: please don’t worry. My countrymen need your legitimate business to feed their families. Give us a chance to show you that you made the right choice in investing in my country, in the Filipino people.

Some Filipinos have too much time on their hands, and have unlimited access to cyberspace, where they are vocal about their choices for the Philippines’ next president-to-be. Some of their choices might have worried you, but let me I assure you, there are MORE of us, who are seriously thinking (and given some of the current choices, really praying) about who our next leader will be. We too, are quietly watching the aspirants, and how they behave themselves, and are taking our time to see who’s really worthy to take up the leadership and continue on the good things started by this administration, while also ensuring we will be closer to zero corruption and nearer to achieving a healthy, vibrant and speedy justice system.

We are the silent majority who work hard, and we are happy to do it, because it enables us to provide happiness for the people we love. We have no time for drama, and rest assured, come election time, we will prove this.

We care deeply about the security of our loved ones, and so we will choose a leader who will be able to really give respect, and command respect from our united armed forces. This leader will know that Filipinos will never back down against foreign bullies and/or terrorists.

We will choose a leader who believes in a Higher Power, Who though unseen, can see everything she or he does so that this leader will be careful to conduct her or his affairs with honesty, integrity, and righteousness — even if it involves personal sacrifice.

We will choose a leader who knows, deep down, that no matter how crazy we Filipinos can be, we are one Family, and each one can contribute to nation-building when given the right tools and attention.

Right now, we too are watching. Every ad that comes out prematurely is noted. Every action and reaction of a candidate is remembered.

So, to those who filed their COCs and want to lead our people: don’t make us cringe, make us proud.

Don’t insult us by thinking we’re stupid to forget the past, but make us feel your respect by how you conduct yourself on and off camera. That’s the surest way to gain our respect, too.

And for the love of all things sacred, don’t try to cheat your way into power. You will never get away with it. Never.

Don’t be a sore loser either. I may not have voted for Manny Villar in the last election, but his being the first to accept the results was a great act I will always remember, because it surely toned down the tensions and prevented bloodshed in some areas. Humility is heroic.

Please, be a leader who will strengthen each Filipino family by giving good economic reasons for our OFWs abroad to come home, and to make their families whole again. Let it be that when we export brains abroad, it will be for research and development to help the motherland, not just for remittances.

Be a leader who will establish a national hotline to report on every wayward Mayor or LGU officer, so that we can fight and stop corruption at the roots (LGUs), and ensure that the services promised by the national gov’t are felt by every citizen.

Be a leader who will listen not only to your friends, but also to critics. Better yet, be a leader whose friends ARE critics who will be able to help you improve and grow. That way, we all grow with you.

You’ve signed your certificates of candidacy, and in several months, some of you will be taking up your oaths. In the meantime, know this to be true: we are watching you.


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