The frequency of natural healing


Confession: I have never really been a “watch” person. As a teen, if I needed to know what time it was, I’d look at a wall clock or my mobile phone. I thought watches were an accessory one wears in order to impress others, so I didn’t think about owning one back then.

But in 2015, I learned about Philip Stein’s Natural Frequency Technology, and how it could help someone like me with CHD. So, after working hard to get a basic one (thanks to the folks at L-Timestudio and their 50% discount) — I thought I’d try it. After almost two years, I’m finally sharing my personal experience (not a scientific study) with Philip Stein’s NFT.

Week 1, August 2015: I decided at the onset that I would try to wear the watch even during sleep. I was 8 months pregnant at that time, and I could not get enough sleep because, hello, who can sleep when a 20 kg. Watermelon is pressing down on your bladder?

Anyway, on the first night of wearing the watch, I noticed that the chronic pins-and-needles sensation in my left arm was gone. Maybe it was psychosomatic, but I was just grateful for it to be gone for the first time in months. And I was able to sleep at least for 4 hours straight, got up for a potty break, and went back to sleep for another 4 hours. For the first time since the Watermelon reached 15 kgs.

Week 3: I felt I had more energy, as opposed to usually being short of breath because of carrying the Watermelon 24/7. I usually didn’t leave the house, but after getting the go signal from the doc and my hubby, I went to town on my own — and I noticed that I wasn’t as out of breath as before. I thought I was calm, too, when while in the ladies’ room, some elderly ladies (perfect strangers) came out of nowhere to touch my huge bump and ask me, “Are you having twins?”

This was my first taste of the blessed “probinsyana life.” What is personal space, right? People are so nice, they seem genuinely interested in your welfare. One grandma in the jeepney I rode in, was telling me a story in the local dialect, with matching hand gestures pointing at the Watermelon. I had no idea what she was saying, but I assumed it was something about pregnant women feeling and looking like a whale. I just kept nodding my head and smiling. And said “Thank you” when she finished. Note to self: learn the dialect ASAP before venturing out on my own again.

Week 4: I read somewhere that one was supposed to take a break from a healing regimen for a while, to give the body some time to adjust or see if the regimen works. So I took off the watch. After 48 hours, though, the pins-and-needles came back. I wanted to wait another day to see if the numbness would go away on its own, but who was I kidding? I felt better with the watch, so I put it back on.

Week 5 onwards: Since then I haven’t taken the watch off except when going to the shower or giving my babies a bath. I know it’s water-resistant up to 3 meters, but I don’t want to risk it. Also, I stopped recording my “observations” after Week 5, because so far I haven’t felt any negative effects, and my heart’s BPM actually became less erratic and more regular / within normal range.

Latest update:  The Philip Stein Natural Frequency Technology worked wonders for me, so on Father’s Day 2016, I found a great deal on Amazon (80% off, hello!) and got one for my husband too.


So yes, I’ve been a “watch” person ever since. Oprah was right, this is a “feel-good watch” and I’m really thankful to the folks who make these beautiful pieces of wearable natural  technology, that also tell what time it is.

A friend once asked me, “What’s with that NFT you love to talk about? Can you tell me how it works?”

I’m not a scientist, so I can’t tell you how it works. I can, however, tell you how it feels.

Have you ever watched a sunrise or sunset by the beach? Or hiked to the top of a mountain to “breathe in” the view? Those moments when you’re immersed in God’s beautiful creation, it makes you feel refreshed, invigorated, de-stressed. There’s this pulse from nature that seems to wash over you, and it calms and strengthens your mind and your body. That’s Natural Frequency from the Earth, and that’s how I feel when I wear the NFT watch from Philip Stein. It especially makes morning meditation and prayer time more calm and focused.

So anyway, as I end this blog entry, allow me to share the following memory. That’s me and Watermelon with one of my favorite singers in the world, Lea Salonga (Philip Stein Ambassador) and Mr. Will Stein, co-founder and President of Philip Stein. No, they didn’t pay me to write this personal review. I just really, really like them because they’re such nice, beautiful human beings.


Feel free to check out if you like. I heard from a reliable source that they are coming up with something really good especially for Global Filipinos this year, so watch out for it. Have a naturally beautiful and blessed day!



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