Everyday is a gift.

On August 18, 2012 (five years ago as of this writing), we received one of the saddest news: Capt. Jessup Bahinting was in a plane crash with his Nepalese co-pilot Kshitiz Chand, and two passengers: Sec. Jesse Robredo and his aide. At that time I only knew of Sec. Robredo as the DILG Secretary, a former mayor of Naga City who was loved by his people. I was more affected by the news about Tito Jessup crashing, and couldn’t believe that our hero pilot / pastor was really gone. He had flown a lot more dangerous flights before, and had even flown through a typhoon to deliver anti-venom medicine that saved the life of a young man in Cebu who got bitten by a cobra. He had to be alive!

Alas, three bodies were found three days later, Aug. 21. We were at the Global Day of Prayer for Peace in the West Philippine Sea held in Makati, and I remember we had a moment of silence to honor Sec. Jesse, Capt. Jessup and his co-pilot. These men were husbands, fathers and brothers to their loved ones, and to many others (myself included) whose lives were blessed by their friendship.

Now, five years later, I would yet be blessed once again by Capt. Jessup’s life and legacy of love. Several days ago, Tita Marge (his widow) posted a photo online and said that they would give a prize of $100 to the best caption maker. I saw friends and family gamely commenting on the thread, and so I thought I’d give it a shot. Never in my wild dreams did I imagine I’d win. So when Sarah messaged me on that I won the caption contest, I was beyond ecstatic!!! So now, I would like say THANK YOU to the Bahinting family for their generosity!

Capt. Jessup was a man who lived as if everyday were a gift. His life, ministry and memory continues to be a blessing to so many, even today. May we continue to speak his name with joy and love, and keep his legacy alive in our hearts.

The winning caption in the comments section

Edit: A friend asked to add the photo with the winning caption. Thank you for your comments!

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