Top 12 Toys for the Holidays

It’s no secret that my kids and I love KidsCompany. Whenever we go to Quezon City, we try our best to drop by their HQ at the RGI Corporate Center, #34 Scout Torillo St. Corner Sct. Limbaga, Brgy Sacred Heart, Quezon City.

You see, hubby and I look at purchasing toys as making an investment: we look for authentic, quality brands that last a long time — and try to get them at a discount. Many times we wait until they go on sale, so we can get toys at 50% off — which makes us all happy. At the same time, my kids learn that “all good things come to those who wait.”

This has served us well, because many (if not all) of the toys that we bought for our firstborn 10 years ago (like Megabloks, Lego, Barbie™, Hot Wheels, etc.) — still look great and are now being enjoyed by his younger siblings who came 7 years after he was born. That’s a huge ROI, if you ask me.

So when they asked me to make a Top 12 Toys list (based on sales and interest/queries generated from their customers), I could only say yes! Here’s what we put together for all of you who are still looking for gifts for their little ones this Christmas, and beyond. [This was published on The Philippine Star last Dec. 9, 2018. Thank you, KidsCompany!]

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