In Memoriam: Shirley Chan

AuntShirleypiconlyWe live in an age when dreaming big dreams, achieving great things in our careers, or being famous — is often talked about, encouraged and posted on Facebook or Twitter.

What’s not mentioned a lot, though, is a simple truth: in order to get to where we want to go, there are people behind us, people cheering on for us, or just simply giving us a push when we need it. People behind the scenes who make actresses look lovelier than normal, or directors who know which angle of the camera works best, or writers who make sure famous people say the right things. The “little” people.

The strong people. The ones who have the extra strength to cook for others, and make sure their loved ones are well-fed, stocked, clothed, rested. They pick up our slack, keep quiet when our tops fly, or say something we need to really hear. People whose names aren’t often known, but their presence is always needed, always felt. And their absence is felt even more. Continue reading “In Memoriam: Shirley Chan”


Salamat po Ma

Mama-BiDear Mama Pearl,

#WishYouWereHere. Miss na miss ko na po kayo — araw-araw, tuwing nakikita ko ang mga apo ninyo.

Lalo na po yung kamukha niyong si Jude — hindi ko alam kung paano niya nakuha pati ang mannerisms ninyo kapag nagsasalita. Baby lang naman siya nung huli niya kayong nakita. At thanks be to God po, matalino din siya, at gumagaling na siya mag-piano ngayon. Nung first day nga po niya sa piano school, nagulat kami at pati instructor niya — 10 lessons po agad tinapos niya sa first day. Salamat sa Diyos po sa ipinamana ninyong hilig sa musika.

Si Moriyah naman po, malapit na mag 3 years old. Kapag kumanta na siya – mula sa bahay, hanggang sa mall, hanggang pag-uwi sa bahay – paulit-ulit yung medley niya ng Eensy-Weensy-Spider, Old McDonald, Baa-baa Black Sheep, at minsan may kasama pang “One call away.” Long play! Sino nga po ba yung ganun? 😉

At si Jaron po, 8 mos. old na today, sa birthday niyo. Kasing bigat po ni Ysrael nung pinanganak. Kasing lakas din niya umiyak. Pero ang sarap tumawa! At grateful din po kami na hindi siya sakitin, sa awa ng Diyos. Continue reading “Salamat po Ma”

Progressive health and beauty

JellieCountrySeveral months ago, I posted – no, gushed – about Tokyo Love Soaps. A very effective brand, but very expensive (I used it for medical reasons at that time). You see, I’m a wash-and-wear kind of girl, so I do my best to start with the right soap. And when I find a soap that my skin likes, I stick with it. So when a good friend, Ms. Leila Rispens-Noel, posted on Facebook about a group of women in Bansalan, Davao del Sur who are making all-natural soap from goat’s milk, I was very curious to try it out.

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Before we sleep tonight, just something to ponder on…

PSEi closed really low again. A downward trend, after the highs and upward trends in the past 5 years until earlier this year. I don’t know anything about stock market “stuff”, but I do know that somehow, plenty of ordinary, hardworking Filipinos’ lives will be affected by it. The experts say the reason for the slump is the failed EU stimulus package.

However, here’s what I think: many foreign businessmen who are in control of those stocks, and are invested in businesses in my country, are watching whatever comes out of our public and social media outlets. They might be worried that change is coming in May 2016, and some might opt out before that happens. To them I plead: please don’t worry. My countrymen need your legitimate business to feed their families. Give us a chance to show you that you made the right choice in investing in my country, in the Filipino people.

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Best gifts at the best prices (Bodega sale)

Disclaimer: I’m not being paid by Kid’s Company or Richwell to post this, I just want to share wonderful news for parents who are thinking of buying gifts for their kids, especially this Christmas.

If you’re looking for branded, original and excellent quality toys at affordable prizes, head on over to Richprime Global Inc. in Quezon City this weekend!


We got our little princess’ first Barbie from them, and Tobots for the boys. You can also shop ONLINE and get 15% off with their online voucher, or check out their BODEGA SALE page now at

Hope you enjoy as much as we did! 🙂


My precious princess
My date last Sunday #girlsdayout

It’s been months, people! I gave birth normally to a healthy baby boy last September, thanks be to God! And thank you too, to those who prayed for me. Taking care of a toddler and a newborn is a new experience for me. Before I gave birth, I thought I’d give myself a month to recover and get back to work. I was so wrong. Many days I still feel like a train wreck. And those are days when I’m really, REALLY grateful for my husband, who has been so amazingly supportive and strong for me, keeping our family (and my sanity) intact. Last Sunday he and the boys stayed home while their ladies went out to the mall (I love you, Song!).

Anyway, I posted this under “Freebies” because, well, I do have some free stuff to share, that I hope you will check out.

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Congratulations to our July 2015 Winner!

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 2.07.12 AMMANY, MANY THANKS TO YOU ALL who participated in my FIRST-EVER raffle contest at I am so excited to send the prize (see the photo on the left) to the raffle winner, and to announce this on my birthday, too! This is my way of saying THANK YOU to the growing number of people (909 and counting as of today!) who follow my blog, and most of all, my gratitude to YHVH, our Creator Who blessed me with life, and by His grace and love makes me desire to be a blessing to others as well. Continue reading “Congratulations to our July 2015 Winner!”