Infinitesimal moment of silence before the fireworks

Two months since my last blog entry. I’ve been finding it difficult to write, not for lack of things to talk about, but because sometimes I think the more compassionate thing to do is to keep quiet. When a friend and neighbor of mine loses a loved one, part of me wants to make the … Continue reading Infinitesimal moment of silence before the fireworks


Touch me not: a resurrection of the Filipino spirit

In the Latin Bible, Jesus Christ said to Mary after His resurrection, “Noli Me tangere...” (John 20:17). Inspired by these words, Dr. Jose Rizal penned a novel about the resurrection of the Filipino people, whose time had come to arise and forge a new destiny without the oppressive grip of Spain and her abusive padres. … Continue reading Touch me not: a resurrection of the Filipino spirit

Cebu: the Best Place for the Best Day of 2014

From the printed and online invitations to the email reminders a month and a few weeks before 7-7-14, Carissa Villacorta and Ryan Songalia knew how to build up excitement and expectation for their “Best Day Ever.” And boy, did they deliver! July 6: As soon as we arrived in Cebu, we were greeted by members of … Continue reading Cebu: the Best Place for the Best Day of 2014

365 Days and counting

Three days ago, we celebrated Little Love's 365th day on the planet. After a year, I can now attest that a lot of those things people say, about how having a daughter changes a father (and mother)—-is true. We are truly grateful to our Creator for His empowering bundle of joy! We also thank our … Continue reading 365 Days and counting

A Day for Abba

Early yesterday morning, Choco Boy whispered to me, "Mom, can you teach me how to use Final Cut so I can make a video for Daddy?" His face was so serious I had to hug him first. Then I suggested that because he's in a hurry, he can use Keynote since he already figured out how to use that … Continue reading A Day for Abba

Connection to Life

"The pain you feel, and will continue to feel, is a sign of life and love..." ~ Philip Yancey Mr. Yancey said those words in a sermon back in 2007. He recounted his experience after he broke his neck in a car accident. His doctors kept probing, moving his limbs and asking, "Does this hurt? … Continue reading Connection to Life