BBL and the 44 Heroes

The Bangsamoro Basic Law, as it is now (I’ve read the files), has so many loopholes that could create more chaos a few years from now, if (or when) an aggressive, ruthless extremist like ISIS takes over the MILF leadership (as it has done over Abu Sayyaf, and other Muslim extremist factions). Some might scoff at the idea now, but look at what’s happening in Syria, Lebanon and other ME countries, and even France, where even their own governments were caught unawares and were helpless to stop the actions of terrorists/ruthless men. I am sure that there are more Filipino Muslims who can adhere to our current Constitution, which is fair enough for all faiths, so why push for a different Law that has the potential to encourage honor killings and pedophilia?

My prayer is that leaders on all sides will stop their pissing contests, and do what is right — lay down arms and return lands that need to be returned. Righteousness and justice go hand in hand before peace can really be attained. Who are those in power who tried to grab lands that were not theirs in the first place? Bring them to justice, no matter how rich or influential they may be now. Bring to justice those who killed 57 people, including unarmed journalists and women in Maguindanao, and see if people in the area will put their trust and support for a national government once again. Continue reading “BBL and the 44 Heroes”