Infinitesimal moment of silence before the fireworks

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555807_10151347213633183_1613067111_nA good friend of mine knows that each time someone dear to me passes on to eternity, I put up my John 11:35 profile picture on Facebook. But this  friend asked me why I posted this profile at this time, when (thankfully) no one in my family passed away because of Typhoon Yolanda? This passage isn’t as comforting as the Psalms because it’s only about the time when Lazarus died and Jesus wept. To which I replied:

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Building the habit of love

“In times of extreme shock, one is carried along by reflexes. Crises reveals what one has been trained to do by habit.” ~ Esther, daughter of Jonathan Edwards

Last March 21, a good friend, churchmate, and brother in faith — died suddenly of heat stroke and dehydration during a basketball game hosted by his company. At age 40, Bro. Bhong left behind his lovely wife Lyn, and daughter JL, and all of us in church who will miss his presence.

In Memoriam: Bhong Borromeo from B. Aquino on Vimeo.

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Psalm 28

This afternoon, our neighbor Nonie Samonte gave us really sad news. Kuya Nonie is an unsung hero who ministers to street children and their families in Cubao, LONG before Efren Penaflorida got that Hero award from CNN. Anyway, last week one of Kuya Nonie’s “alaga” was admitted to the National Children’s Hospital because of a severe case of worms. They administered medicine to the baby and she got better, and was slated to check out yesterday. However, the baby’s family (who lived LITERALLY on 20th St., Cubao, had zero means to pay for the hospital bills) had to delay a little bit because they were being asked by the hospital to pay P15,000 pa before they could leave, or something like that. Doon pa lang naiyak na ako. But I broke down when I heard that late yesterday afternoon the baby experienced lockjaw then died. She was supposed to be okay… So what happened?!

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