Our Fascination with the Impossible Dream

Meme from www.Latintimes.com
Meme from http://www.latintimes.com

People are still talking about the #PacquiaoMayweather fight. Some can’t seem to move on because all the pre-fight hype didn’t live up to their expectations. I admit I’m one of those people, and I have a few things I want to get off my chest.

1. First, wanting something different from what I was expecting is normal. Just because I expected Floyd to win doesn’t mean I betrayed PacMan or my own people. I’ve read about (not watched) Floyd’s past bouts (from which I gathered he doesn’t play nice), and saw the tale of the tape. That’s why I posted online that I was nervous, and that we needed a miracle for Manny to win. I really, really *wanted* Manny to make Floyd bleed a little (for all the victims of domestic violence), and cheered when he drew first blood… and hoped for a knockout down to the last 10 seconds. But I didn’t expect Floyd to use his physical advantages to run & clinch his way till the end, nor did I expect that he had a lot on his side (Manny was also fighting against a referee who didn’t call out a lot of head-holding by Floyd, and judges who didn’t even care to label the score card Red and Blue corners properly). Floyd played so as not to lose, but Manny fought to win: so Manny gets an A+ for effort in my book. I happen to love underdogs, but I also know that life isn’t always ideal or fair, and we can’t always get what we want.  Continue reading “Our Fascination with the Impossible Dream”